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We start to write about the activities of our society also in English on our website. We hope we get new readers from members of other donkey societies in the world. Of course, it would be nice if our website attracted attention of anyone who love donkeys. Come along, new readers! We hope you will enjoy visiting our website! We will write about the same things as in Finnish. It´s possible that we write a little shorter than in Finnish but you will, however, get the highlights of our activities in these summaries. Now it will be possible to get information about living with donkeys in Finland . There are not many donkeys in Finland yet but the number of them keeps rising. If you have a specific question in your mind, for example, about living with donkeys here in rather northern weather conditions, please ask and we will reply to you. Please send an email to us, you find our address in the end of the text named ”Some facts about us” or ask your question on our Facebook Page.



Suomen Aasiyhdistys ry (The Finnish Donkey Society)  was founded in March 2008 in Hämeenkyrö, in the region of Häme in Finland. The aim of our society is to improve the common knowledge of  donkeys and donkey-hybrids in Finland and how to care of them.

The Donkey Society spreads this information in fairs and once a year we try to organize a Donkey Camp or a Donkey Day. The society publishes a membership bulletin ”Pitkäkorvat” (which means ”long ears” in Finnish) three times a year, and every year we make a wall calendar of our own, too.

We are looking forward to the present and future donkey-owners as well as the donkey -fans joining us!

In the year 2014 we had 103 members in our society.

Don´t hesitate to contact us whenever you have something to ask about our activities or about the lovely charming donkeys themselves! Please send an email to the address:


  • There are about 350 – 400 donkeys in Finland. More than half of them are registered donkeys, and the rest are either Finnish-born donkeys or ones with passports, originally from other EU countries.
  • Only a few, in Finland about 10 – 20 donkeys, belong to a particular race, most of them are ”only” donkeys.
  • In Finland we don´t abandon donkeys. If we must part with it, we can sell it.
  • That´s why there are no rescue organizations or sanctuaries for abandoned aged donkeys in Finland.
  • …due to this you probably can´t find an adoption donkey here.
  • A donkey costs about 1300 – 3000 euros, so they are rather expensive in comparison to the prices of them in many south European countries. That´s one of the reasons for the fact that they are treated very well here in Finland. The donkeys are our pets for hobby, love and care – no for exploitation, violence and torture!
  • In our weather conditions you can´t keep a donkey under a light shelter round the year. You have to take it to a stable in the night-time from autumns to springs or a donkey must have a good windproof shelter, where the ground is always dry.
  • You can´t keep a donkey in a stall every day, either. It has to have a possibility to walk around in the paddock at least 12 hours a day.
  • Cost of caring of a donkey is approximately the same as cost of a pony or a horse of the same size. Although donkeys don’t usually wear horseshoes, you have to call a farrier to carve its hooves every two months.

Last autumn we had a picture competition, for the first time together with our Swedish friend society:

The Donkey Picture of the Year 2015 in collaboration with Svenska Åsneföreningen

The Donkey Picture of the Year 2015 competition is organized with Svenska Åsneföreningen, the Swedish Donkey Society. You can vote for your favorite picture from both countries and the picture that has gathered the most of votes will be named as ”the Donkey Picture of the Year 2015”. Donkey societies make a wall calendar of  the year 2016 from the most popular pictures.

The Donkey Picture of the Year competition was held for the first time in 2012,  so this is the fourth time. Usually there has been 50 pictures in the competition and nearly 1000 people have voted for them. The wall calendars, made of the best pictures, has so far been made by the Finnish Donkey Society alone.

Pictures should be send to Suomen Aasiyhdistys  by Sunday the fourth of October to: You can take a look at the pictures on our Facebook Page and voting is open to all the donkey lovers from the sixth of October to the nineteenth of October. The winner picture and calendar will be published at the fair ”Elmamessut” in Helsinki on Friday, the sixth of November in 2015.

In Sweden the calendar can be ordered from Svenska Åsneföreningen. The price of the calendar is 10 € in Finland and 100 SEK in Sweden.

The Finnish and Swedish donkey societies are the same size with about 100 members. Also the number of donkeys is about 400 in both countries.

Read more about the societies:
Svenska Åsneföreningen
Suomen Aasiyhdistys  You can find our Facebook Page via this webpage.

Read more about competition (in Finnish only)


The Finnish Donkey Society started in March in the year 2008 when enough people to form a society gathered together. Many donkey fans had cherished a dream about a society but there had not been enough people to form it. In 2007, when we started the work to publish the first issue of ”Donkey”, our membership bulletin, we managed to find active people. More people who were interested were found in Internet discussion arenas. The ”donkey-minded” people met in Särkänniemi amusement park in Tampere in the year 2007 and talked a little bit about forming a society. The next time we gathered for a dinner at a donkey-owner’s home in Hämeenkyrö in western Finland in March 2008. The first board of our society was appointed during the meeting . The home place of our society was decided to be Hämeenkyrö because of the place we had our forming meeting. We got the official certificate of incorporation in July in the same year.


In the first year we were not active; we had, for example, no membership campaigns. Some eager people had, however, heard about our society and wanted to join us at once. We organized a Donkey Picnic in Siuntio in the southwest Finland, and five donkeys took part in our agility course and couple of people were in the audience, too. In November of this year we took part in fair for the first time as well. In this fair called ”Elmamessut” we had four donkeys with us. We opened a website for our society and formed an email address in Gmail. Those interested got information about us via Internet and by joining our email list. We still made our bulletin ”Donkey” in the year 2008 and started to make the handbook about donkey care and feeding in Finnish.


The new society attracted the interest of event organizers and the year 2009 was really a busy one: we took part in the first ever ”Hevoset09” (”Horses09”) event in Tampere, PetExpo in Helsinki, ProHevonen (ProHorse) fair in Forssa. We also organized the first bigger scale Donkey Day in Tammela village in Forssa, which attracted audience of over hundred people. In July there were two donkeys taking part in the housing fair in Valkeakoski, where active people of our society shared donkey information during one weekend. In October a race parade was organized in Helsinki International Horse Show and donkeys were welcomed as well. We got donkeys called Elmeri and Julia as well as a hinny called Heikki at the place. All of them were under the alphabet ”A” and they were naturally the first to conquer the arena.

We also discussed with ”Suomen Hippos”, the Finnish trotting and breeding association, getting a registration of donkeys in order because the registration of all the equine animals had become obligatory in EU in the beginning of the year. We were allowed to give expert information to ”Hippos” about donkey colors and marks. In the end of the year we took part in ”Elmamessut” fair again. We also started to publish a membership bulletin during this year and it was decided to be published three times a year. The project to make the donkey handbook was under work and we took photos for it in our events during the year.


After the previous busy year we took it a little easier and participated only in a couple of events. The Donkey Day was organized again, however, and for the first time a Donkey Camp, too. The donkey-owners often live far away from each other, that´s why the participation in one-day-competitions may be tough for a donkey-owner and especially for donkeys themselves. We planned a camp in Inkoo, situated in southwest Finland, in the way that accommodation was possible. And really, there were a couple of brave people who had courage to take part in the camp. Of course, the board of our society participated, too. The audience really got interested in the Donkey Camp: the crowd got in a buying frenzy and the riding society of organizing stable sold their entire stock out! In November we traditionally took part in ”Elmamessut” fair again.

Information about our activities will go on from the year 2011. We hope you have enjoyed visiting our website and you will join us again! Please don´t forget our Facebook Page, either. We shall inform about new texts in English there.